Christmas Message from the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity


2019 has been yet another landmark year for the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity. We have continued to offer and improve our presentations of the dangers of financial exploitation to groups of older adults throughout our regions of operation, as well as expanding the number and scope of our hugely popular enrichment lectures, that have seen our small cadre of volunteer presenters criss-crossing the country to join groups and entertain them at their various meetings.


Our greatest success this year has come somewhat unexpectedly in the shape of our Chat Bench initiative, which we launched in May to support the United Nations World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15th). The simple initiative has simply taken off beyond all our expectations and has seen our volunteers working with the media in various countries around the world to establish chat benches all over the planet.


We were actually flabbergasted to work alongside towns and cities as far flung as Kiev (Ukraine), Utrecht (Netherlands), Grimsby (Canada) and Melbourne (Australia) to name just a very small number of the interactions we have had over the last 7-months.


Whilst keen to reflect on our successes, we are always looking forwards to the next opportunity that will present itself to safeguard our elder citizens and in 2020, we will be introducing even more innovations that will protect and improve the lives of our senior community. Look out for a lot more activity around improving the loneliness and social isolation situation for elders, as we increasingly think that we can play a larger and more relevant part in moving this message along in the future.


We will also be harnessing new media ideas to increase the reach of our message to more elders everywhere, as we will celebrate the launch of our brand-new Senior Safety YouTube channel in the New Year – what out for that one!


2020 also is important for us at the SCLT Charity, as it will mark our 10th anniversary as a senior safety initiative. It’s hard to believe that it was 2009 when we launched our activities in Bristol. But in spite of the many challenges along the way, we are very pleased to continue on our journey to help protect and safeguard vulnerable older adults, as well as improving their lives along the way.


Have a safe and enjoyable 2020.


Ash Jones


Chair of Trustees