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As winter approaches, the weather changes and the days shorten, many rogue traders take advantage of this and start targeting residents.


The SCLT have been made aware of rogue traders recently offering a variety of services which include driveway resurfacing/sealing/cleaning and garden services, such as tree and hedge maintenance. Damage from the winter storms, such as fallen fence panels or trees, may give rogue traders a plausible excuse to knock on your door.


Incidents such as these are also linked to distraction burglaries and residents are encouraged to report them to their local police or Local Authority/Council/City.


There are a number of steps residents can take to try and avoid becoming the victim of a rogue trader.* Be wary of traders who cold-call and the deals they offer you – it is unusual for genuine tradesmen to need to cold-call to drum up work!


*  Do not allow any unknown and unexpected visitor into your home.If they claim work needs doing, get a second or even third opinion from other professional tradesman.


*  If you agree to work, you are afforded cancellation rights by law, and these should be given to you in writing. It is a criminal offence not to provide these in certain circumstances.


If you are unhappy or feel intimidated by the visitor – shut the door and call the police. If you think you or someone you know has fallen victim to a rogue trader, please contact the police or Trading Standards immediately, through the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 06 (or British police on 101)


And above all, remember our mantra ~ IF IN DOUBT KEEP THEM OUT

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If you do require small household work in your home there are a variety of local services which provide accredited tradesmen who have been vetted to carry out fixed price repairs. It may be worth calling your local Citizens Advice Bureau for some advice. A good place to start may be the Age Uk Handyperon Service. This covers 80% of the UK and can carry out a large number of small repairs in your home. For more information click the Age Uk HandVan link below:



Age Uk HandyVan: Keith VIEW VIDEO HERE:












A new video has been released by SCLT partner, Avon and Somerset Constabulary to pass useful advice to the older adult population as part of national Rogue Trader Day (25th April 2013).


It contains useful information on how to avoid doorstep criminals and is well worth viewing

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