Medal Application Support Programme


"Here at the Senior Citizen Liaison Team we believe in showing recognition and respect to those previous generations who have contributed so much to the development and enduring success of our free society. We do this by offering a support service for veterans and their surviving relatives, to discover their medal entitlement (for those who are unsure, or previously failed to apply for their medals), and to apply for any decorations from the Ministry of Defence Medals Office. In some instances, we may be able to offer financial support towards the cost of replacing lost medals"           ~ Mike Wedlock - SCLT Projects Director










How To Apply



Applying for unclaimed or lost medals (including the recently announced Arctic Star medal and Bomber Command clasp) can be a simple, albeit lengthy procedure. The process involves completing a fairly simple form and returning it to the MOD Medals Office, who will confirm your qualifying criteria and contact you with further information. If you are applying on behalf of a deceased relative, you will also be required to complete a 'kinship' form and furnish the death certificate of the medal recipient.


Applications can take a number of weeks and if you are applying for replacements for lost medals, there will be a charge to cover the cost. The SCLT are able to assist by sending you the relevant forms and even helping you fill them in if you would prefer assistance in this area. Contact us by phone, e-mail or by letter and we will be honoured to assist you in any way we are able.

Contact Us Here: Medals MOD


Unclaimed Campaign Medals


All wars take a terrible toll on those who live through them. The memories of the conflicts evoke a mixture of pride and pain in the minds of the veterans who served in them. Many wartime ex-service personnel have never spoken of their experiences, and many have never applied for the campaign medals to which they are rightly entitled. For many, claiming medals was the last thing on their minds as they returned home to loved ones and tried to forget the trauma and return to normal civilian life.


Many thousands of campaign medals remain unclaimed to this day from conflicts such as; World War 2, Korea, Malaya, Cyprus, The Falklands and of course the more recent conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and the Balkan states. Veterans of these campaigns, or their surviving next-of-kin, may still make a claim to receive their medals from the Ministry of Defence Medals Office in Gloucestershire.


If you, or a late relative, did not apply for your medals then get in touch and one of our caseworkers will assist in submitting an application for your decorations. If it is to wear your medals on Remembrance Sunday or simply to hand-on your piece of family history to the next generation get in touch today.












Click the below link for an interesting short film about the Ministry of Defence Medals Office and how to apply for unclaimed medals or for the decorations of deceased relatives:

Medals Film: ww2 stars


Dear SCLT Medals Team,


Just a note to thank you for your help with getting my fathers medals. I have a confession to make. I didnt tell my father what I was doing, so it was a big surprise for him when the medals arrived and I gave them to him.


Once again, thank you very much. I couldnt have done it without your help


Yours sincerely, Mrs. S.

Ash with Medals