Senior Star Award Case Studies

*** Mr. Jon Williams ***


Hero Receives the Inaugural Senior Star Award


In April 2013, the Senior Star Award was created by the Management Board of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team (SCLT) to recognise the efforts of citizens who go above and beyond in the service of the older adult community. The deeds recognised can vary from sustained dedication to projects which benefit the elder population, or, as in the case of the inaugural recipient, a single act of self-sacrifice or outstanding bravery.


The nominees for the award are assessed by a panel of trustees, lay-volunteers and former winners, to ensure that only the most deserving of candidates receive recognition. On 1st May 2013, Mr Ashley Jones, Chair of SCLT Trustees travelled to Abergavenny, South Wales (UK), to meet the first ever winner of the Senior Star Award, and to present to Mr Jon Williams his cut glass trophy which bears the highest commendation of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team.


The event which earned Mr Williams his accolade unfolded in the pleasant Welsh market town of Abergavenny, which lies about 30-miles from Wales’s capital city of Cardiff. Mr Williams, who is a local community police officer in the area, was walking through the busy town when he saw an elderly male (who for privacy reasons has requested his details not be reported) fall to the ground and suffer some form of seizure.


Although having only the most basic of first aid knowledge, Mr Williams rushed to the aid of the stricken older adult and recognised that he was having a heart attack. He then summoned assistance and commenced a sustained period of CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the citizen, desperately fighting to save his life. Eventually, after many minutes of these actions, a paramedic arrived and was able to convey the elderly person to a local hospital.


The gentleman was found to have suffered a series of life-threatening heart attacks and trauma consultants later confirmed that without the valiant actions of Mr Williams, the patient would most certainly have been lost to his medical condition.


Chair of SCLT Trustees, Mr Ashley Jones, made the trip to Wales to present Mr Williams with his award, he said; "It gives me enormous pleasure to recognise the supreme efforts made by Mr Williams in this most inspiring act of courage. The fact that he took action and tried his very best for an older adult who was suffering a medical emergency, speaks volumes for his character and his commitment to help others.  I hope that this tale of exceptional effort will inspire others to reach out and help other older adults who are in need"


Mr Jon Williams said; "This is a wonderful accolade and I feel truly privileged to have been recognised for this action. However, like many such recipients of awards I do feel unworthy of the attention. I was simply going about my business when I saw someone in need who I thought I could help. I must admit to feeling somewhat anxious by the event, as you always have the thought that someone's life hangs on your actions. But, it this instance, I am delighted to report that the person I assisted is recovering well"

trophy 1 trophy 2 J with award