Dementia Champion Recognised for Turning Bristol into a Dementia Friendly City


The Senior Star Award was established by the Management Board of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team Charity (SCLT) in April 2013 to recognise the efforts of citizens who go above and beyond in the service of the older adult community. The deeds recognised can vary from sustained dedication to projects which benefit the elder population, or, as in the case of some recipients, a single act of self-sacrifice or outstanding bravery.


The nominees for the award are assessed by a panel of charity trustees, lay-volunteers and former winners, to ensure that only the most deserving of candidates receive the increasingly prestigious accolade. The Senior Star Award remains one of the very few recognition processes that exists within the United Kingdom to celebrate individuals and groups, who go beyond the call of duty in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the older adult community.



The recipient of the latest Senior Star Award is Mr. Tony Hall, who is the founding member of the and Chair of Bristol Dementia Action Alliance and keeps himself incredibly busy running Dementia awareness sessions, collaborating with other organisations, running the administrative functions of the charity, as well as facilitating and arranging the extremely popular Happy Days memory café in Westbury. All of Tony’s remarkable achievements have been done in tandem with his primary role, that being of full-time care-provider to his wife Barbara, who has had symptoms of dementia since 1999.


The Bristol Dementia Action Alliance (BDAA), which is a not-for-profit organisation, was formed on the 9th July 2013 as a result of a public meeting where the question was asked “Is Bristol a Dementia Friendly City?” Since that time the BDAA has sought to raise awareness of the condition, as well as advocating for the 4500 residents of the City of Bristol, who live with the symptoms of dementia. The stated aim of the BDAA is to make Bristol the best Dementia Friendly City in the UK. Making Bristol a place locals, people working in the city and visitors can know that they and their loved ones will be treated with respect and courtesy.


On Tuesday 16th April 2019, Ashley Jones, Chair of Trustees of the SCLT Charity, attended a routine meeting of the Avon & Somerset Dementia Forum in Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol to make a surprise bestowal the SCLT Senior Star Award trophy upon Tony, he said; "It is my deep honour to present the prestigious Senior Star Award to Mr. Tony Hall on this wonderful recognition of his work to improve the lives of those living with dementia in the City of Bristol.


Tony has dedicated the last two decades of his life to raise awareness of dementia and encourage others to help make his community a Dementia Friendly neighbourhood. Having spent some time with Tony and having listened to how he has gone about achieving these goals, I have been personally inspired by his heartfelt dedication and enthusiasm and I have no doubt that many others have also been galvanized to the cause by his peerless example”


SCLT Volunteer Stu King nominated Tony for the Senior Star Award and stated, “I have worked alongside Tony on the Avon & Somerset Dementia Forum for a number of years and also on some initiatives to improve the lives of vulnerable dementia sufferers in Bristol over the last few years. He is a remarkable man, who commits his very existence to caring for his wife and making life better for others. He is the very epitome of a community hero and should be showered with recognition for his herculean efforts to make Bristol more dementia friendly. I am delighted he has been selected to receive a Senior Star Award – in fact, I cannot think of a more worthy recipient”

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