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Volunteering with the SCLT


Thankfully our requirements and prospects for volunteers do not quite match those of the legendary Polar explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton. However, if you are genuinely interested in making a difference and being a part of something special ~ I invite you to read further...........


As a fledgling charity we are very reliant upon volunteers to deliver the unique service that we offer to the vulnerable, older adult population of the United Kingdom, and beyond.


At the present time (July 2013), the SCLT is an entirely volunteer organisation, with 100% of our team being volunteers. No person associated with the team receives any payment for any of the activities that they undertake in our name - this is very much a part of what makes us special.


We do require assistance with some projects and aspects of our service and we have indicated the roles concerned below. Potential applicants do need to be aware that we are a young organisation (4-years) and volunteering with us will not be like volunteering with a large, national institution.


This fact should not, however, deter potential applicants. Our approach to problem solving should enthuse our volunteers with the thought that they are joining a very special group of like-minded people, who can and will, drive down crime and the fear of crime in the older adult population.


Check out our volunteer opportunities below : ~






To convey our message of home and personal safety for the older adult population, we usually take to the road and give literally hundreds of crime-busting presentations to seniors groups of all shapes and sizes, all over the UK throughout the year.


Typically we visit senior gatherings up to 50-strong in community centres and church halls, where we will address audiences which are made up of; Friendship Clubs, Womens Institutes, Faith Groups and Veterans Clubs, to name just a very few.


Our Public Presentation Team are made up of confident public speakers who are adept at putting a message accross to a mixed audience. Our sessions often include PowerPoint presentations and hard-copy handouts, but frequently our presenters can find themselves alone, on a stage with a just a microphone for company.


If you fit the bill and/or are seeking to improve your public presentation skills at the same time as helping the vulnerable, get in touch today. Of course we offer full training and you will shadow an experienced presenter who will support you all the way.

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Jon's Story


Click on the image on the left to play a video of SCLT volunteer Jon Williams explaining his reasons for volunteering with the SCLT Charity, and what motivates him to support the senior community

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